Kemperol V210 System

About Kemperol V210-M

Kemperol V210 is a three component polyester resin-based waterproofing system that is by far the most recognised and commonly used product by liquid roofing professionals.

It’s versatility allows it to be used in areas that can sometimes be awkward when using other leading cold liquid applied products, and it can adapt to any surface or structure forming a second layer skin to anything that has been covered. Green roofing systems benefit from it being root resistant, plus it acts as a waterproofing layer at the same time.

This waterproofing system has been formulated around a polyurethane-based solution, using a polyester fleece embedded between two layers of applied resin. The fleece is available in three thicknesses for reinforcement, and depending on which one has been installed, determines the duration that the system is warrantied for – either a 10, 15, or 20 year warranty fully backed by Kemper System.

Kemperol V210 case study

For this project we took full advantage of the overlay usage this product promotes, which saved a lot of time and money. The added benefit to this was that the original installation had been Kemper V210, making the overlay process very straightforward.

The process was simple – the existing deck was jet washed and any stubborn dirt was cleaned down with MEK cleaning agent. Once the original deck had been prepped, the wet on wet system was directly applied, and in turn renewed the roof’s lifespan for many more years.

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