Kemperol 1K-PUR

About Kemperol 1K-PUR

Kemperol 1K-PUR is a one component resin-based product that is a pre-mixed, ready to go formula and should be applied straight from the tin. It has a wide variety of applications such as gutters, pipe penetrations, stanchions, and general complex detailing.

Its versatility allows it to be used in areas that are hard to access and it can be used for small repairs, which makes it a more economical option.

The fleece is available in three thicknesses for reinforcement and the system is warrantied for 10, 15, or 20 years fully backed by Kemper System, depending on which option has been installed.

Why choose this product?

The Kemperol 1K system is a highly durable and long term waterproofing product that is great for small repairs or for long term protection for outdoor social areas.

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