Hydrostop EU AH-25

About Hydrostop EU AH-25

This is a one component non solvent-based hybrid waterproofing system that is designed to be used straight from the can, eliminating any wastage issues that other wet on wet systems can create. It has a polyester-reinforced fleece integrated between two layers of cold liquid, creating a waterproofing system that can be warrantied for 25 years and that is fully backed by SIG technologies.

The Hydro stop roofing system is ideal for all types of flat roof construction and repair, and it also acts as an overlay system and lead replacement product, saving time, labour, and costs, where extra details would otherwise be needed.

It acts as an excellent surface for green roofs, warm roofs, and cold roofs, due to its root resistance and also being reinforced with a polyester fabric fleece.

Why choose this product?

We promote and install this product as it is another cold liquid applied system that we are approved contractors of, and we want to offer our clients the full range of waterproofing systems available.

Its non solvent and durable properties offer advantages where other polyurethane-based products may cause a disturbance to either the general public, or in other public places of work such as hospitals or offices.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product, please call us on 01444 810 136 or send us an email at info@allanglesroofing.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you.