GRP crystic roofing

About GRP Crystic Roof

CrysticRoof is a three component resin based glass-reinforced polyester roofing system, manufactured by Scott Bader Company Ltd. The company has over 60 years experience within the polyester chemical industry, maintaining an excellent reputation for producing high quality materials, supported by unrivalled technical expertise and solid customer support.

When installed correctly, this roofing system is designed to last and be maintenance-free for many years to come. The high performance Crystic Roof resin solution is designed for flat, pitched, and roof valley details and can work across any detail or shape.

The application is based on a cold resin installation, eliminating the use of heat, and once cured it provides a long lasting roofing system that is another excellent alternative to traditional methods.

Why choose CrysticRoof?

CrysticRoof lasts far longer than other traditional roof materials and can be formed into any shape, no matter how complex. It forms a completely watertight and seamless finish and the resins in the CrysticRoof system form a powerful bond with the glass mat to produce a solid laminate, encapsulating its entire work area. It is available in a range of colours and there is a high performance, non-slip option available for walkways.

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